Change is Coming-Are You Ready?

Bruce Outridge

This month “change” has been the focus on many of my interviews on the podcast. As an entrepreneur things change all the time and you can never rest on your past achievements as people are improving products and services all the time. Rest too long and you can find yourself at the back of the pack. Look what happened to Blackberry and other companies that refused to change with the times. Change also comes to everyone in all sizes of businesses whether a solo-entrepreneur or a team of hundred, change will happen.

Let’s look at the small business owner. As a small business owner I have been in business for over a decade and have constantly been changing our business as opportunities arise or services no longer appeal to our customers our ourselves. When do you change or how do you know when to change is the question?

I review our business on a regular basis. Finances, services, equipment, and other required resources are important and changing consistently so knowing when to buy equipment or improve services can be big adjustments. Working with the numbers of your business are important because it may show you what requires change.

For instance we used to offer caricature services for one hour throughout the city when we began our live caricature service. Once we started reviewing numbers we realized it wasn’t worth it tor us to go to any event for less than two hours and we changed the service.

Dave Rogers

By looking at our financial picture early on and working with the actual numbers of business did we realize what was costing us money and what type of services we needed to get rid of in order to have a successful business.

Not all change is large, but even small issues can affect the success of your business. This is why as a business owner it is important for you to keep educating yourself and looking at ways to improve your business. If you don’t then you will find yourself falling behind the competition and eventually out of business. We are in the midst of changing a number of services in our business which means getting rid of some old ones and creating new ones.

A couple of interviews that may be of interest on the podcast are with Rita Burgett-Martell on being Change Ready when those big changes come along that are unexpected such as a relationship change or job loss. We also talk with Dave Rogers an entrepreneur that has a-lot of change in his life and now helping other entrepreneurs improve their skills so that they can improve their businesses for the better. You find both of those interviews at Stay change ready and you will have a successful life and business.

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