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Are you an author that enjoys writing and would like to make more money from your craft? Maybe you are working on a book and would like to create a body of work and get paid at the same time? It is very possible to do this with the age of the internet because everyone is looking for content. The best part is it doesn’t matter if it is fiction or non-fiction. There is only one thing that really matters, can you produce content consistently? If the answer is “yes” then you have many opportunities ahead of you.

Authors get paid anywhere from $10 to $1000 for their work depending on their name value, the publication, the type of content, and the requirements of the contract. For most unknown authors you can expect between $10 and $300 being the norm, again depending on publication. Some don’t pay at all but give other types of return for the writing which I will get to in a minute. So how do you get paid for your writing you ask? Go local!

Staying in your local area may be the best way to get paid for your writing. Social media is all the rage right now and looks like it will be here to stay. That means that every business from the bank to the coffee shop is looking for content to put out and market to their customers. Business owners are usually handling many functions in their business and rarely have time to write as well. They still need to market their business however and that is where you come in. Do you have content that fits a business in your local area?

For instance, I have over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry. I was a driver in the industry, owned a truck, and so on. In 2009 when content sharing became a way of marketing a business I began writing blog posts for my website. I was then asked by local trade magazines to write for them and became a columnist. I then started being asked by trucking companies in my area to write for them for their blogs. Some clients lasted a year or so and others went for several years. I currently write for two companies and one magazine by choice.

So the way it works is that I write a blog post for the company each week and load it up on their website or send it to the editor. I get paid a certain amount for each blog post or article, but I retain the copyright. That is the important part that afterwards you still own the content. I promise not to release it anywhere else for at least 90 days. After that you can use those same articles to put together a book that you can sell, use in other media such as videos or podcasts, or rework and use for other articles. Two of the four books I currently have available were created from articles previously written for other uses.

What happens if you are not paid for your writing? Although we all like to be paid in actual cash even if you write for free you are still being paid. Some of the trade magazines that I write for don’t pay in cash but offer Bruce Outridgefree advertising and exposure to other clients. There is also the hidden benefit of helping you create your writing style, add content for your latest book, or organize your content to find your voice. When I look at my articles from my first year to my writing now it is a giant step. I don’t think I would have come so far if I didn’t have the pressure to complete an article every week.

So get out there and see who is in your area. Does your church have a newsletter and are looking for content? Do you write at a coffee shop and can possibly submit content to share for their clients as they drink their coffee? There are many opportunities, it is a matter of seeking them out. You may even get paid!
About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, consultant, and speaker. He speaks on creativity, confidence, business, and leadership. He is the author of several books on business and leadership and is launching his new podcast called Cashing in on Creativity Podcast. You can learn more at www.bruceoutridge.com

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