Winning the Entrepreneur Game

Most of us think of winning the game of entrepreneurship by giant company takeovers, the selling of the latest business, or solidifying that large contract. That’s because we see this in the movies and think that is the way entrepreneurship is supposed to be. Most entrepreneurs wouldn’t categorize their business ventures that way however, many would believe that the small positive actions are the secret to success. Now saying that realize that a large goal attained by an entrepreneur may be a small goal to a large corporation. The secret is to know whether you are going backwards or forwards on the scale and what is going on in your business.

Bruce in his studio in 2011
Bruce in his studio in 2011

We would all like to make the largest sale or a landmark deal, but the reality is that most of us would just like to keep a steady client, or get paid on a weekly basis. For some it may be getting their office in order, or increasing their efficiency. For others it may be getting a website completed or setting new goals. The truth is as long as you are moving forward in your business you are succeeding. Those that count success by money may be sad at the end of the year when the profits aren’t as high as they should be.

So here is a way that I have kept going over the years even when the money wasn’t coming in the way I hoped it would: first keep a project on the go all the time. For instance I always have a project in development, it may be a book being written, it may be development of a new course, etcetera. Keep something on the side that you can focus on if things are slow, set it out on schedule that will keep it timely, yet flexible enough you can put it aside when things pick up. It might be as simple as creating a new marketing plan. Doing this you will see that at the end of the year you have achieved some of your goals, you have created something for your business, and you have learned a new technique or acquired knowledge you didn’t have before. After several years of this you will find you have grown a lot and it will help you take the focus off of the dollar and more on your growth. You may even have developed a new service or product to offer your clients. I find when I focus on other projects I give the idea that I am busy, it helps my marketing because people see how busy I am and I learn many new things that have helped me in my business over the years. It attracts the feeling that your business is in demand. Try it and see, you won’t be disappointed.

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