Keynote Presentation Overview

Bruce’s messages communicate that through the values of leadership each professional driver, supervisor, or entrepreneur can succeed in their own future. In addition to the keynote speeches outlined any of the topics included on the service or product pages can be presented to groups or select individuals. Keynote speeches are usually 30 – 90 minutes in length and are great as a stand alone session or combined with the workshop programs.

These presentations will help a company, entrepreneurs, and drivers by:

  • Building blocks for customer service in any position.
  • Creating unified teams.
  • Improve company productivity
  • Improve company efficiency
  • Creating roadmaps for career longevity
  • Reduce complacency in the workplace.
  • Creating time management principles that will last a life time.
  • Take ownership of their positions on the job


To book your keynote session call 289-337-2630 or email Outridge Consulting  Services Get your team on track today. Please note that special pricing is available for bookings of two or more sessions.

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