“We Ain’t No Turkeys”

Professional Driver Keynote Presentations

Specifically meant for transportation fleets who are interested in retaining quality personnel, Bruce shows supervisors, drivers, and support staff how by working together to create a unified system they can raise the image of their company and gain more share of the market through increased freight, money, and satisfied personnel.

Bruce’s presentation brings life lessons together with real life stories to illustrate to drivers that they can be more active in defining their own careers for money, promotion, and satisfied employment by owning their position. His presentation titled “We Ain’t No Turkeys” will give drivers the tools they need to increase their productivity and make more money. Once they understand how they fit into the big picture of their company they can increase their profile to become more valuable to the operation.
This program is meant for drivers young and old, but is best suited to companies with drivers under ten years of operation.

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