Staying Ahead of the Competition

I attend a number of networking events each month and listen to people trying to set themselves apart from the next person. Mortgage agents tell us how they get better rates than others, web designers try to differentiate between custom websites and templates, everyone trying to make their mark. As much as they try, we know that many of them are getting their support in services from the same people that the rest of us are. There is a new cheaper printer on every corner putting out better glossy postcards than the next. The truth is that it is the building of relationships that really is giving them the work, not the so called difference. I even see people using gimmicks like wearing special ties, coming up with a perfect one minute speech and so on.

The truth is that putting out your own material to help your client base automatically puts you above the rest of your competition. Try writing a small booklet educating your customers, offering advice or creating a “How To” video that may help on some small project. It will create an image as an expert to your clients helping you keep top of mind for the large projects. Help people believe in your business by showing them you know your business and you will build a strong following for years to come.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a business and leadership consultant. He is the author of several business and leadership books along with other products. For more information please visit his website at

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