Creating a Process for Winning

Twenty one days makes a habit. Have you ever heard that before, I am sure we all have as it has been around forever? Habits come in all forms good and bad and sometimes you don’t even know that you are creating a habit. It is kind of like the coffee thing in the morning you start by going through the drive through as a change and before you know it, boom; you’re there every morning for two years. That’s because you went long enough to create a habit. The nice thing about the twenty one day rule is that it works for good things as well and the longer you apply the rule the better engrained it gets. Now I ask you, what part of your work environment, your process, or your position can be improved by improving its process? You may think that you are already running quite efficient and maybe you are, but there is always room for improvement.

Here is what you do. Think about a task that has been causing stress when working, it could be as easy as your pens are stored in the wrong drawer or more complex such as you don’t have enough work surfaces for doing mailings and so on. Consciously take some time to think about how to correct the problem and take the necessary actions if possible. Work with the solution for a week and if it works great then move on to the next area of concern. Aim for little improvements instead of changing around many items.  Don’t be surprised if it takes longer to get things right. I have had setups that I thought were very good and worked well only to have something major happen forcing me to revise the setup. The changes made the set up better so you may not always see the improvement until later. Remember once you make the change work with it for a month to keep it engrained and part of your normal habits. It always amazes me when I see people working with a bad office set up or area and they are too lazy to make changes that would greatly improve their efficiency. But hey, they are the ones who have to work there. What they don’t realize is that the more organized you are means the more money you are making because you are finishing tasks sooner. Time management is the key always be looking for ways to improve it.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a business and leadership consultant for entrepreneurs and small businesses. More information can be found on his website

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