The Professional Driver

As November quickly creeps upon us the transportation industry is frantically trying to get up to speed on CSA 2010 which is set to launch next month. Many say there will be vast amounts of drivers put out of work due to unsafe habits. That would have to happen through the companies themselves as to whether they should keep a driver on. So what can you do in this ever changing industry? As I have always been of the mindset that if you’re doing everything to the best of your abilities you have nothing to worry about. Just work in a professional manner and your position should be safe. I am not saying you won’t make mistakes, but own up to them and handle them in a timely fashion. The professionalism starts from inside though, you have to feel it. Look at you appearance, your work processes? Are they what a company would see as professional. Its all about attitude! For tips on how to get started check out the article Becoming a True Professional by following this link.

Good luck

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