What’s Your Plan

It has been said that most people spend more time planning their vacation than their life. This is true for most, but as an entrepreneur you can’t afford not to plan your business or life for that matter. As a business owner I review my business plan an on quarterly basis and do an all out projection for the next few years at year end each year. When your starting out you may feel that there is not much to look at, but getting in the habit right away will make it worth while later on. As I meet with many business owners I am always amazed how many do not sit with a piece of paper and map out their future. Some say that things always change and that is true for all of us. But that plan cements your goals in your head and creates structure. As they say,”Failing to plan is planning to fail!” Pretend at the end of your life you get to review a tape of all that you’ve done, will you be proud of that tape or will you be asking for the machine to break down. The outcome is up to you. I wish you well.

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