Developing your passion

In speaking with a group of new potential entrepreneurs the other day I had wrapped up my presentation and was then asked to stay over for a few moments to talk to a few individuals interested in starting a business. Many had heard they need to register, look for potential clients, create an office etc. Since my presentation focused on the passion of the business they seemed a bit confused by what they had heard earlier. When speaking to them individually they seemed to get more excited as the procedure fell into place so I thought I would mention it again here. There is no sense setting up shop for a new business if you don’t know what you do yet! Find your passion, find your niche, then set up the business office. Many weren’t sure what they were going to do yet, but were ready to register the company. In my presentations I hand out a sheet of paper that on one side says “What do I like to do”. The other side says “What am I good at?” Fill out a similar sheet and see if there is a common thread. That may be the start of a new enterprise.

Good luck!

2 Comments on “Developing your passion

  1. Bruce,

    Great post. You’re absolutely right. Entrepreneurship takes a lot of passion for an idea and the determination to see it through. I always say that “starting a business isn’t for sissies,” and I remind the small business owners that I coach every day that they’ll continually need to plan, research and plan some more.

    Easy planning resources including Personal Goals, Business Start-Up expenses, Marketing & Customer templates are available at

    They’re a simple resource, and are approachable for any entrepreneur…from concept …to growth…to profitability.


    • Thanks for the comment Chris. I am glad you are coaching your clients on the proper order of importance when running a business. So many try to do it upside down.


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