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Jumping off the Business Cliff with Your Own Parachute

It was one of those things on his bucket list he just had to try, bungee jumping, this certainly was not for the faint of heart. Standing on the edge of the bridge being hooked up to the rope by the guide he felt… Continue Reading “Jumping off the Business Cliff with Your Own Parachute”

Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Business

Marketing, promoting, exposure, whatever word you use to describe how you get your message to the world is an important piece to any puzzle. Most companies scrap their marketing budgets and plans when things get tough. In speaking with a friend of mine the… Continue Reading “Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Business”

Marketing Your Plan or Planning to Market

I recently gave a presentation to a group of enthusiastic recruiting specialists on using social media to find professional truck drivers. There is a huge driver shortage coming in the industry and marketing and recruiting will be a significant issue. The one thing that… Continue Reading “Marketing Your Plan or Planning to Market”

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