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Season 6-Show 3 Inspiring Young Leaders in Transportation

In the third episode of season 6 Bruce talks to a group of students enteredin Logistics Course and a young ambitious person who started in financeand is now in truck insurance. Find out how they got into the industry andwhat they plan to do… Continue Reading “Season 6-Show 3 Inspiring Young Leaders in Transportation”

Inspiring Youth Gives Out Season 5 Awards

We’ve come to the end of another season of Inspiring Youth and thatmeans we will be awarding someone an award for being the the mostInspiring Youth for season 5. Find out who won the award and why. It maysurprise you who won. Photos from… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth Gives Out Season 5 Awards”

CCTV 12-Writing Novels with Robert Stevens Jr.

Novelist Robert Stevens Jr joins Bruce on the show to talk about his career from former professional football player to truck driver to novelist. How does he do it all and write his novels at the same time? We find out on this episode… Continue Reading “CCTV 12-Writing Novels with Robert Stevens Jr.”

CCTV 10-Grass Roots Musician Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson has been singing his whole life and it was only by chance that he would become the leader of famed group from the 1960s called the Grass Roots. Today Dawson still leads the band, has a radio show, tours, and even makes… Continue Reading “CCTV 10-Grass Roots Musician Mark Dawson”

Bruce Outridge Talks Marketing on Reite Club Podcast

Bruce on Reite Club Podcast

I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Reite Club Podcast earlier this Summer. The podcast is focused on Real Estate Investing but covers a variety of topics to help people have success in real estate. Listen to the episode through the… Continue Reading “Bruce Outridge Talks Marketing on Reite Club Podcast”

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