The Season of Change: Inspiring Youth-S4-Show 1

Bruce on tv

Host Bruce Outridge introduces us to season four of Inspiring Youth with a recap of season one through three and gives us a sneak peak of what is coming up in season four. Learn more about the show at and watch it on Your TV channel 700.

Preview of Show 1

Season 4- Show 1

About the Show

The show is hosted by creative entrepreneur Bruce Outridge as he talks with ambitious youth in the community and the community partners that work with them. You can learn more about Bruce, the show, and program at Inspiring Youth TV at or on YourTV/InspiringYouth


Use the Batching Method to Organize Your Content Creation

Bruce Outridge

Creating content on a regular basis can be a daunting task. Coming up with ideas, producing the content, and then getting it out to your audience can be a lot of work and then you have to do it all over again. If you do it piece by piece it can feel like an endless process. That’s where batching comes in.

Entrepreneurs can feel as though life is about keeping up with the Jones’. We are all trying to get our name out there and look unique in the multiple platforms in our industries. As we watch what our competition is doing and try to do the something similar we start to get overwhelmed with the time commitment that it takes to create that content. The secret to creating content is batching.

By batching your content creation process you are creating a workflow allowing your mind to focus on one type of work at one time, yet you are producing multiple pieces of content at the same time. It takes some planning to get started but once you have it going you will find over time you will get faster and be able to spread out your workflow.

Watch the video on how I batch my workflow on my podcast

Content Creation

In order to create your workflow you need to know your content requirements ahead of time. I work in blocks of one to two weeks or even a month at time if possible. Whether you are creating video and audio content for podcasts, trying to write a book, or creating multiple pieces of art for a project batching works. I use it all the time in my production work and have been doing so for years. Try it and see how it helps to improve your workflow, I know it has worked for me and I am sure it will work for you, give it a try.

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About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, podcast producer, and creative entrepreneur. His work focuses on inspiration, communication, and content creation and he shares inspirational interviews on his podcast Cashing in on Creativity Podcast. You can learn more about Bruce and his work at

Season 4 of Inspiring Youth is Launched

Inspiring Youth Season 4

Season 4 of Inspiring Youth Launched last Thursday with the first episode. Below is the preview video for season 4 and also some fun behind the scenes bloopers. Enjoy and watch for the show on Your TV channel 700 in Halton Ontario.

Here is the schedule for the show

Preview for Season 4

Check out this blooper reel

About the Show

The show is hosted by creative entrepreneur Bruce Outridge as he talks with ambitious youth in the community and the community partners that work with them. You can learn more about Bruce, the show, and program at Inspiring Youth TV at or on YourTV/InspiringYouth


Bruce Outridge Talks Marketing on Reite Club Podcast

Bruce on Reite Club Podcast

I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Reite Club Podcast earlier this Summer. The podcast is focused on Real Estate Investing but covers a variety of topics to help people have success in real estate. Listen to the episode through the link below or in your favourite podcast platform.

Thank you Reite Club for having me on the show.

About the Reite Club

Learn real Estate Investing strategies, find investors, find investments, and make new friends.

Bruce Outridge Talks Tech in the Arts on Future of Now Show

The Future of Now Show

I had the pleasure to be part of a panel of artists talking about how technology has affected the arts. I was honoured to be included with Sandra Bell-Lundy, Rina Piccolo, and Joe Bluhm. This is my second time on the show with host Bonnie D. Graham on her new show on Voice America Network. have a listen to the show and thank you again for having us on the show.

The Future of The Funnies: Cartoons,
Caricatures, Comic Strips and Technology

Episode link

The Future of Now Show

Episode Description

The buzz X 3: Make me laugh! Though seemingly innocuous, cartoons, caricatures, comic strips and comic books are representative of important issues in society. Years ago, cartoons were handmade, frame by frame. Now many use flash, aftereffects or other software with interpolation features to produce movement illusion. ( Caricature artists once heavily relied on pens and paper. Now, many use digital artistic tools for molding their imagination. ( Storytelling using pictures, often with words, has existed at least since the ancient Egyptians. The American comic strip adapted this for the 20th century. ( Comic books were once created using typewriters, pencils, pens, brushes, inks, and dyes. Now it’s all ones and zeroes. ( We’ll ask visual artists Bruce Outridge, Sandra Bell-Lundy, Rina Piccolo, and Joe Bluhm for their take on the future of technology and the visual art they create to make us laugh or just think.

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