Building Business Relationships

It continues to amaze me how important business relationships are to the business world and our own intimate circle. As many of you know the transportation industry is huge and many of us think once we see someone we will never see them again. Then bang! You run into them in another meeting etc. Until you meet them you never see them, but once you know them they seem to appear everywhere. The lesson here is be nice to the people you meet, you’ll never know when you will run into them again. In fact they may become your very own cheering squad.

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Time Management for Professional Drivers

Time management in the transportation industry is critical. Loads depend on delivery times, shipping depends on available equipment, and drivers run on logbooks dictating available work hours. So if you are not doing proper trip planning and are a professional driver, then guess what, you’ve missed the boat. Everything works together and at the end of the day it’s your paycheck that shows the outcome. You can make money in the transportation industry, but it takes work. If you need some help in the planning area check out my article called “Get the Lead out!” under the articles section.

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Take control of your business

I spoke with a group the other day on entrepreneurship and found most were excited about starting up their own business, but were a little apprehensive about the process. I think business capital is what scares most people. Remember you don’t have to start full time out of the gate. Take baby steps if that is more comfortable for you, do some investigation first, and check out your market. Remember the true pleasure of starting a business yourself is that you have the control. Move as fast or as slow as you wish.

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Leveraging your position at tradeshows

Yesterday I spoke to a group of women learning about the transportation industry and getting ready to train to get their truck license. As I did my question and answer period the topic turned to truck shows and how to use them effectively to learn about potential carriers. Unless you are attending for the pure enjoyment factor of the show this is a place to be networking and learning how the many different carriers operate. If you would like to learn more about how to use a tradeshow to your advantage click on the link under articles or the link below. The first show has already passed with Truck World, but the Road Today truck Show is coming up in Brampton at the end of May.

Tradeshow article: 

Road Today Truck Show:

See you at the Tradeshows

Website changes

There have been some changes to the website of Outridge Consulting Services. First a “presentation” page and video page have been added. So if you would like to see examples of some of the presentations given you can view them there. I will be adding some new articles to the blog here shortly. Also there are some new programs for youth available that may be of interest to you. On the “engagements” page you will find upcoming dates for events.



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