Earn Your Respect

For those of us in business, or drivers in the transportation market we are always looking for ways to gain respect from our coworkers, customers, and collegues. I have seen many people over the years try moves like sucking up to people, offering discount rates on products and services, etc. That rarely works and even worse can set your name to someone who can be underhanded. I myself never want to be considered someone who is underhanded and if I do make a mistake I own up to it immediately. Those tatics don’t work so try them. If you want to gain respect from your coworkers the best way is to be yourself, have integrity – do what you say you will do, and treat everybody with respect and dignity. By doing that people will be happy to deal with you and will recommmend you to others, therefore helping to grow your business. If you would like to read more about respect and your coworkers follow the link to an article  titled “Why won’t they listen” – http://www.outridge.ca/listen.html

Comfortable – How to Lose Business

We all go through it! You start out in business and are all excited and then you have enough clients so you forget to advertise and market. Why call people you say, they call me. Many business owners go through this. The secret is even though you have business keep advertising and marketing! Business goes in cycles and eventually you will find it drops off unless you keep filling your pipeline. Marketing is key to keeping new business in your pipeline. If you’re getting to the point where you are too busy, then move that work by outsourcing it or hire someone. As you come to the end of the year think about the really important parts of your business and focus on those. Have someone handle the other parts so that you can keep growing. You’ll be glad you did.

The Professional Driver

As November quickly creeps upon us the transportation industry is frantically trying to get up to speed on CSA 2010 which is set to launch next month. Many say there will be vast amounts of drivers put out of work due to unsafe habits. That would have to happen through the companies themselves as to whether they should keep a driver on. So what can you do in this ever changing industry? As I have always been of the mindset that if you’re doing everything to the best of your abilities you have nothing to worry about. Just work in a professional manner and your position should be safe. I am not saying you won’t make mistakes, but own up to them and handle them in a timely fashion. The professionalism starts from inside though, you have to feel it. Look at you appearance, your work processes? Are they what a company would see as professional. Its all about attitude! For tips on how to get started check out the article Becoming a True Professional by following this link. http://www.outridge.ca/professional.html

Good luck

Developing a Checklist

Starting a new business or reviving an existing one?A great way to do that is to develop a checklist. Make a list of all the things that could have gone better over the last year in your business. Then make a list of what has to be completed to make it better for the future. Once you have your list go out and the find the best person to help you with the problem. Notice I said the best person to help you, not the cheapest available. It may seem like big money now, but in the end if the person knows their stuff you will probably save money. Pick a quiet time with a pen and piece of paper and basically evaluate your business. That one hour of quiet time will be the best time spent and help you to grow in the future.  Good luck.

What’s Your Plan

It has been said that most people spend more time planning their vacation than their life. This is true for most, but as an entrepreneur you can’t afford not to plan your business or life for that matter. As a business owner I review my business plan an on quarterly basis and do an all out projection for the next few years at year end each year. When your starting out you may feel that there is not much to look at, but getting in the habit right away will make it worth while later on. As I meet with many business owners I am always amazed how many do not sit with a piece of paper and map out their future. Some say that things always change and that is true for all of us. But that plan cements your goals in your head and creates structure. As they say,”Failing to plan is planning to fail!” Pretend at the end of your life you get to review a tape of all that you’ve done, will you be proud of that tape or will you be asking for the machine to break down. The outcome is up to you. I wish you well.

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