How Long Will You Wait For a Connection to Take Place?

How long will you take to let a connection take place between you and another person or client? As a board member of a number of entrepreneur groups I see this all the time, people show up for a few meetings, don’t get any business and they leave. The same thing happens at counters, the Post Office, and other places, you talk business with someone, they don’t call you back for a few months and you write them off. The reason people do that is because they want that immediate return. They want the business at that moment and if they don’t get it they feel as though the person was not interested. If you answered the first question as to how long you will wait with a time limit, then you are wrong. I will wait forever!

In all the groups I have been a part of and the many times I have talked with people the process can take almost a year or even more. I received a call just the other day from a person that I talked to over three years ago about a project. We spoke casually at the Post Office as she processed my order and one time I gave her my business card. The odd time I would go in with an order for posting and she would mention, “I need to get things together for you soon.” I would just reply,”Whenever you’re ready I’ll be here.”I haven’t even been in that Post Office in the last year and half because we moved to another area with a Post Office location closer to our new home. The other day the phone rang and it was her telling me she was ready to move forward with the project. Now I could have been mad because she didn’t call earlier, but because I took the time she felt comfortable to move forward. It is better to let people take the time they need and come to you when they are ready.

So what is the secret? There is no secret, except having faith that the people you talk to will want to do business with you down the road. Don’t try so hard to get the business, just relax and talk with people. If you are pleasant to them you will find they enjoy doing business with you and come back to you.  Let people in on their own time and your clients will flock to your door. That is why you can never stop marketing, even when busy. Most marketing is a 3 month cycle so if you stop you will find your work beginning to dry up. When you continue to market when busy it is better because you don’t need the work which gives you a tame approach when talking with people. Never give up on potential clients, you never know when that person you talked to is the next best thing.

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2 Comments on “How Long Will You Wait For a Connection to Take Place?

  1. I think this is a really tricky question and one I often find myself struggling with. Some connections are absolutely worth waiting for, but you also have to be careful to not spend too much time on something that will never pan out.


    • You’re right Stephanie,

      The trick is not to spend time worrying about it. Answer any questions and move on. It’s the law of attraction, if you don’t rush people and are nice to them, not too pushy, then they will come to you in time. The secret is peaking their interest in the initial conversation that will keep you top of mind for the future. Thanks for the comment,



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