Leveraging your position at tradeshows

Yesterday I spoke to a group of women learning about the transportation industry and getting ready to train to get their truck license. As I did my question and answer period the topic turned to truck shows and how to use them effectively to learn about potential carriers. Unless you are attending for the pure enjoyment factor of the show this is a place to be networking and learning how the many different carriers operate. If you would like to learn more about how to use a tradeshow to your advantage click on the link under articles or the link below. The first show has already passed with Truck World, but the Road Today truck Show is coming up in Brampton at the end of May.

Tradeshow article: http://www.outridge.ca/tradeshow.html 

Road Today Truck Show: http://www.roadtodaytruckshow.com

See you at the Tradeshows

Website changes

There have been some changes to the website of Outridge Consulting Services. First a “presentation” page and video page have been added. So if you would like to see examples of some of the presentations given you can view them there. I will be adding some new articles to the blog here shortly. Also there are some new programs for youth available that may be of interest to you. On the “engagements” page you will find upcoming dates for events.



Reading the Roadmap!

I was speaking at a “Power to Drive” seminar the other day presenting on having a successful business as an owner operator to new and old potential candidates and was surprised to find many of the audience members had been down that road before. When I asked the question as to who had created a business plan for their previous businesses many shook their heads in a negative direction. Many new people to business pass over the business plan stage because they don’t understand the process. The key to any business is planning and the Business Plan should be your first step. Even my own failings in business in the past were due to lack of planning. It’s great to be excited  and passionate about your business, but you also must be smart and organized. Don’t sqaush your success before you even open the door.

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Make your position about you and enjoy success!

You must know by now that I speak from experience and from the heart when tackling subjects about professional drivers. Through the years I have seen all kinds of drivers and owner operators working for good companies who just don’t seem to get it. They treat the job like, well a job! First of all trucking is a career, but by applying the attitude of ownership you will excel your career. By treating your positon as if you own the company you take your position to the next level. You will get noticed and advance your career to new levels. Remember every career or position starts with you. Make sure you secure it as your own.

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CSA 2010 – who wins?

We all do! That’s rights we all win in this scenario. I bet you’ve been talking to that driver in the yard who should be doing his circle check, but instead decided to  see how your weekend was and complain about the grumblings he has heard about CSA 2010. First of all if he was checking out his truck he wouldn’t be as worried about it. He may be one of the drivers who could be in trouble when this program starts. The feedback I have heard is that most carriers are happy to see this program as it will put some responsibility on the driver to operate more professionally. Alright! Finally someone is seeing the light of my messages. If you’re worried about the new program it is time to pull up the boot straps and operate the way you should have been all along. For you good drivers, it is finally time for you to shine! Good luck.


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