Looking forward to the Smart Trucker Seminar in London on July 19th, hope to see you there!


We have had a couple awesome seminars for Smart Trucker and I wanted to invite you all to be a part of the next one in your area. For those of you in the London Ontario area we will be in your city on July 19, 2016. this seminar is for drivers, supervisors, trainers, management, and anyone who has an interest in knowing about the transportation industry and how to improve their careers or businesses. In addition to great information, cool networking with other attendees and information from our great sponsors we will give you a free meal and refreshments. Don’t miss this informative session at the best price we can offer, free! You do have to register and you can do that by clicking the link below as seating is limited. Check out the highlights and I hope to see you there.


Tuesday July 19, 2016-5:00pm-9:00pm
Ramada Inn-Exeter Road, London, Ontario

Check out the video highlights

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