If You Want to Improve Your Creativity, Try Creating a Routine!

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Creativity may be the difference between standing out from the crowd or blending in. Improving your creativity can be the difference between making more money and leaving cash on the table. For artists, authors, and creative entrepreneurs keeping the creative juices flowing can keep those ideas coming through for the long term keeping cash flow healthy in your business. If you are a person that writes, paints, or is required to come up with ideas on a regular basis you know the importance of having an idea bank with ideas ready to create at a moments notice. If you have ever had what is known as writer’s block you know how frustrating that can be! So what is the secret for keeping the river of ideas flowing?

Imagine being an author all excited about writing your latest book, you have the title and the outline for the story. You begin to write the story and half way through you run out of ideas for the character? Imagine you’re an artist and are overworking a painting because you came near the end and didn’t know what to do next. Because of that you kept working on the picture that was already complete days ago and ruined it. Have you ever sat at your table wondering how to improve your business and nothing seems to come to mind? Usually these problems come when a person is not keeping their creativity muscle in check and then tries to use it on a moments notice. It is the same as not working out at the gym and then trying to lift two hundred pounds. Good luck!

There are many ways to improve your creativity. If you view creativity as a muscle like it is then it makes sense that it has to be exercised on a regular basis. Creativity statistics have been shown in many studies that exercise is directly linked to your mind and how it works. I know what you’re thinking. I don’t want to exercise! It does work however and I have noticed that in my own business. I write articles everyday for magazines and blogs and have to come up with art projects for clients on demand. So I keep a regular fitness routine and notice when I stop my routine my creativity slows down. Even a walk on a beautiful day will bring a number of ideas if you focus on thinking about the project at hand while walking.

Creating a routine for where you feel most creative is a great way to keep your creativity in high gear. Some artists and authors have a favourite coffee shop where they feel more creative. I personally write every morning in my favourite chair and I need to write first thing in the morning. When I try to write at my desk I find it harder to come up with ideas. So find that location that is creative for you and try to use that place all the time when you want to be creative.

Timing is everything with creativity and having a regular time that you are creative is very important. I mentioned that I like first thing in the morning and for many that is a great time for creative pursuits. Now I am not suggesting that you have to write your whole book or paint that next picture in the morning. I am suggesting you take that time to think about your projects and get those ideas down on paper. That way later in the day when you are ready to start your project you already have the idea to begin with. If you are a night owl then late at night might be a more creative time for you.

In closing try to get into a routine every week. Exercise regularly, have a specific time and have a specific place that inspires you. You will see over time those ideas flow like a river. These strategies have worked for me and I know they will work for you. I have had so many ideas come on a walk that I couldn’t remember them all. Get your creativity flowing today.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, consultant, and speaker. He offers consulting for business owners on how to improve their marketing systems and is available for speaking engagements. If you would like to learn more about Bruce or find out his availability for speaking contact him or visit his website at www.bruceoutridge.com

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