Boost Your Confidence, Get Creative!

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How would you like to have more confidence in your business ideas or even your personal life? What happened to that great idea you had last week for a new product or service, then you told a friend and they burst your bubble? What if you went forward anyway, what would you have lost? Has there been a time when you were excited about something that you thought of on walk or hike and couldn’t wait to get home to get started? Then you got home and had talked yourself into believing the idea was stupid. Are you the kind to lose your confidence because you just don’t know where to start or know what to do? Do you think to yourself that you’re not creative because you don’t trust your ideas? Is it a lack creativity that is to blame or is it really a lack of confidence?

Improve your business with confidence

The truth is that you may be creative. You may just not have confidence in your ideas. By not having confidence in your ideas it can stump the growth of your business, slow down your career, and a host of other issues that you may not even associate with confidence. In a research report by Adobe it was found that 80% of people polled were more pressured in their career to be productive instead of creative. That’s why truly creative people become frustrated and move on to other opportunities in environments when productivity is more important than creativity. You have to have the confidence to believe in yourself and try new ideas. I am not saying you should be reckless about ideas, but have the confidence that you will do your best and move forward.

Never assume your ideas are useless

Building your confidence and creativity is to never assume your ideas are useless. If you have the knowledge, the confidence, and the process laid out for your ideas you will be able to put a plan together to bring thepacca picture idea to fruition. You may need to get to help from other team members such as investors or consultants, but if you have the process laid out the decision is now in their court not yours. Even better is when you can relate totally different areas of your ideas into one focus and build a total business from your idea. The point is that if you have a plan figured out for your ideas you can proceed with confidence. Knowing that you are willing to take on responsibility will improve your confidence level even more.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, consultant, and speaker. He offers consulting for business owners on how to improve their marketing systems and is available for speaking engagements interested in learning about creativity, leadership, or business. If you would like to learn more about Bruce visit his website at

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