Become the hero in your own movie?

If you live around Brampton Ontario you may notice Batman if you look to the lane to the left of you at a stop light. There have also been Batman sightings in other cities as well. The Brampton Batman is great as he also has an authentic Batmobile. We also have the great window washers that dress like their favourite hero and wash the windows of hospitals in an attempt to make the kids happy in the hospital building. Dressing like a Superhero or trying to be something you’re not is not what I am talking about in this article. What I am talking about is kindness!

One of my favourite movies is “Pay It Forward” with Kevin Spacey. The movie is great because the premise is about a boy who does good deeds for people based on a school project put forward by his teacher. Many times as humans we will send a giant rescue team for a dog in the water, but we will walk by an old man that has fallen on the ground. Recently on social media there was a video about a person on a motorcycle that stopped every time he saw someone needing help. It is an amazing video if you want to watch it click here.

All this person is doing is being his own superhero. I am in no way suggesting that you put yourself in danger, but many of the gestures he did were very small Super-trucker-illustrationbut nice touches. There was the time he rode up beside a car and straightened the car mirror that was folded in and the person forgot to pull it back out before taking off. He closed the gas door on a car after someone left it open while driving. He stopped to help an old man up that had fallen on the sidewalk. He helped a lady that had gotten her electric wheelchair stuck on the side of a curb. These are small gestures that to the people he helped were big things.

So just like the movie “Pay It Forward” or the video of the mystery motorcycle driver there is proof that we can all play the superhero in our movie. That consists of being kind to one another on a daily basis. Make it a goal that if you see someone needing help you will do what you can to help. It doesn’t have to be a large act of kindness, it could be as small as taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, or calling someone to say hello. With something like 9,000,000 people alone in Ontario that would go a long way to improving our world. Which superhero will you be?

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an entrepreneur from Ontario Canada. He is the author of the books Driven to Drive, Running By The Mile, and How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps. He is also the host of The Lead Pedal Podcast for the transportation industry. To learn more about Bruce and his work visit his websites or

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