Entrepreneurship is Like a Road Trip

There is nothing like a good road trip to get you out of your normal routine and give time to reflect on life, the sights, and your passengers. My wife and I love a road trip and sometimes our vacations become like trucking. We have just arrived at places and we have that urge to set out again. To people that don’t like to travel it can be dazzling. On a recent day trip I was thinking how much the road trip is about the trip itself and not the destination, sure you need a destination, but many times you get there and are bored and want to go again. A few years ago we went to California stopping to experience cities along the way, we were four days in California and twelve days on the road and had a blast. Maybe it is my trucking background but I often enjoy the time on the road, the destination is often just an excuse to go. Every trip however had a destination in mind even if the trip was the highlight. Plein-Air-Artist

Entrepreneurship is much like that, we all have that destination of success whether it be money, time, or other success goals. If you don’t enjoy the trip however you may not enjoy or even get to the destination. The goal of success is so far away for most entrepreneurs that if you aren’t enjoying the journey you won’t have enough determination to see it through the tough times. Just like a road trip the car could break down or a tire goes flat, that usually won’t ruin the whole trip if you are enjoying it. If you hate the trip and break down three times you may never travel again.

We all want the destination of success, and if you talk with many people who have reached it you may also find that the road to getting their was much more fun. Success brings a different set of problems with it. The road trip helps you read the map, adjust the course, find new towns, meet new people, and see new sights. Entrepreneurship helps you plan for success, adjust your lifestyle, find new opportunities, meet new people, and set new goals. It sounds just like a road trip to me. Like any trip you wouldn’t venture 2000 miles away without reading a map, in business do your homework, know which way you are heading, and you will reach that destination. Get started on your road trip and see what success it brings you, enjoy!

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a business and leadership consultant and author of the books Running By The Mile, Driven to Drive, and How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps. To purchase books or learn more about Bruce please visit his website at www.outridge.ca

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