What Is Your Best Day?

Recently I was feeling a little stressed and exhausted. I dreadfully needed a few days to recharge. Looking at my calendar I realized taking days off was not part of the program as the next day was lined with meetings. When I ask people what their best day might look like I get answers such as, “I would win a million dollars” or “I would suddenly become a success.” For many of us the day would be focused on us and most of us would feel that is the way it should be. What I found out through my meetings the next day was totally the opposite.

I had five meetings set for that day, three were business oriented and two were people requesting a block of my time. The first meeting started as a breakfast meeting with a good friend and business partner who had come down concerned for my stress level. After a great breakfast and some good conversation, expansion on some business advice we both attended to our busy schedules. My next meeting was with a major client of mine and the business at hand was awarded. My third meeting was with a University student that wanted to interview me for his final project and was so excited from my advice by the end of our meeting he is planning to start his own business. The fourth meeting was with another client and again the business at hand was awarded. My final and fifth meeting was with a person whom I met by chance in a coffee shop and asked me about a project I was working on. I was able to help him down a path he was stuck on and this old guy was in heaven. I had agreed to meet with him again when in the area and today was the day. He left this meeting floating on a cloud.

Now you would have thought that the day would have added to my exhaustion level but it was exactly the opposite. I was pumped up and excited, when I look back on that day the best meetings were watching other people’s dreams come to life. I believe in what goes around comes around and I believe we need to spend time helping others. So I ask you, what will your best day look like? Who will you help today?

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an author, artist, consultant, and speaker. For more information on Bruce visit his website at www.outridge.ca

One Comment on “What Is Your Best Day?

  1. Very thought provoking article! I also enjoy helping people- I really get a buzz when people ask me to help them with their essay/ CV/ Personal statement because they know I’m good at english. One day I’d quite like to have a medical profession and help people that way!


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