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Make your position about you and enjoy success!

You must know by now that I speak from experience and from the heart when tackling subjects about professional drivers. Through the years I have seen all kinds of drivers and owner operators working for good companies who just don’t seem to get it. They treat… Continue Reading “Make your position about you and enjoy success!”

CSA 2010 – who wins?

We all do! That’s rights we all win in this scenario. I bet you’ve been talking to that driver in the yard who should be doing his circle check, but instead decided to  see how your weekend was and complain about the grumblings he… Continue Reading “CSA 2010 – who wins?”

Spring Special

Due to the nice weather I have decided to have a spring offer. For any owner-operator that books a consultation with me regarding ATBS Canada Inc, or any supervisor that books a consultation to improve their team within the month of April or May… Continue Reading “Spring Special”

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