CSA 2010 – who wins?

We all do! That’s rights we all win in this scenario. I bet you’ve been talking to that driver in the yard who should be doing his circle check, but instead decided to  see how your weekend was and complain about the grumblings he has heard about CSA 2010. First of all if he was checking out his truck he wouldn’t be as worried about it. He may be one of the drivers who could be in trouble when this program starts. The feedback I have heard is that most carriers are happy to see this program as it will put some responsibility on the driver to operate more professionally. Alright! Finally someone is seeing the light of my messages. If you’re worried about the new program it is time to pull up the boot straps and operate the way you should have been all along. For you good drivers, it is finally time for you to shine! Good luck.


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