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I love music and always wanted to be a musician since I was a drummer in high school, that being said there are too many music shows to compete with many of those are terrific shows. I can fill my dream by helping my friends who are musicians. That is the cool thing about hosting your own shows, I can create my own format. In each episode of both shows I feature one song from one of the artists listed below. If they are featured as guests I feature two songs. All these artists are working on making their music their careers and I am happy to support them. I do not make any money from these artists and invite you to purchase their music if it appeals to you and support them if you can.

 Tropical Daze

Tropical Daze is one of the best local duos in Ontario Canada. Playing a variety of genres from country to rock and roll this duo made of Dan Peer and Joe May have been in the music industry since the eighties. If you are looking for a musical act for your next event with a great music and humorous banter then  book the band by visiting their website at www.tropicaldaze.ca


 Thomas Wade

Thomas Wade is a master of all things musical. He was at the height of his career when an illness stopped his career in its tracks, but you can’t keep a good man down. Thomas is back with his amazing talent and new material, and amazing stage presence. Check him out on his website www.thomaswade.ca and hear him live at his next show, you will be glad you did. Check out his latest album Blue Country Soul.


 The Killin’ Time Band

Looking for a party? This is the band you want to see at your next event. This rock and roll party band is a popular site around Ontario whether only two members or the full nine piece band. Next time your in Burlington look them up or visit their website to check their schedule, purchase their music, and book the band for your next event. You will be glad you did! www.killintimeband.com


 The Road Birds

The Road Birds burst onto the scene a few years ago and became a feature in the trucking industry playing road songs. All the members of the group were working in the transportation industry so the songs they sang had a true meaning and brought a unique voice. Check out this band in and around Ontario at your next trucking event.

The Road Birds on CDBaby

 Head On Entertainment

Head On came out last year and has been a power house on the bar scene. They play in and around Ontario and have a sound that makes them a hit wherever they go. Check out their Facebook page for details on their next show by clicking the link below.

Head On Entertainment on Facebook

 The Danny Thompson Band

This hard driving country band has strong ties to the trucking industry and a strong story to tell about dedication and musical passion. The band is a combination of family and friends with talent, dedication, and passion. The Danny Thompson Band joined the podcast register in October 2016 and has just released their latest album Miles and Miles. Check out their website to learn more about the band and purchase their music by clicking the link below.


Trio Avenue

Trio Avenue is a Calgary based band that plays music from today’s pop artists
such as Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars and Michael Buble to yesteryear’s artists like Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Frankie Valli, Michael Jackson and Motown. The band features Don Kletke on lead vocals and guitar, Reed Crapo on keyboards and vocals, and Kelly Gannon on drums and vocals. You can learn more and book the band for your event by visiting their website at http://www.trioavenue.com


Please support the people working hard to supply the love of music to our lives! Thank you for being part of the podcasts.

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