Own Your Position Video Program

Own Your Position and Take
Your Career to New Heights!

Are you looking for a successful career in transportation?
Are you a new driver wondering how to get organized for a successful job search?
Do you want direct your career through specializing in the industry?
Do you want a career so fabulous you are considered an Ambassador?

Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses all go to “Finishing School” so that they can socialize within their culture. Top athletes get professional training so they can compete at the top of their game and you should OYP-Video-Cover-Screen-ambassadortoo! Bruce’s video tape “Own Your Position” will show you what you need to do to get in the door of  top transportation companies. He will show you how to improve your resume, pass interviews with flying colours, help you get organized, choose a carrier, and eventually become an ambassador creating wealth and longevity in the world of transportation. If you are a brand new driver then this video will take your career to the next level. When Bruce shows you his 12 steps of a professional driver and how it can help your career there will be no looking back. Take control of your career, own your position, and be the professional driver you can be!

There is a huge driver shortage going on across North America. Anyone currently holding a commercial license should be employed yet many are not. The reason is they haven’t gone to the next step, they haven’t taken their career from licensed to employment level. They haven’t completed their finishing touches that make them  employable. This video takes you to that level. This video gets you organized to where carriers know you are serious and will be an asset to their team. If it’s not you in that carrier waiting room that gets hired, will it be the person next to you? Don’t let the odds fall in their favour, don’t let them steal your position. You’ve worked hard to attain your license, now reap the pay back of all that hard work. Own Your Position and get your career moving in a forward direction. Get employed!

You won’t be disappointed with this video program. It includes more than 10 videos on how to improve and be hire ready for carriers. This is what they are not telling you in career truck training schools. Why not put yourself at the front of the line for an interview, why not OWN YOUR POSITION!


This course is currently being updated and is not available at this time!



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