Outridge Consulting Launches New Service for the Trucking Industry


BURLINGTON ON-March 1st, 2022 – Official Press Release – Fleet Media Services

Outridge Consulting Services a division of Outridge Enterprises Inc is happy to announce their new service for the transportation industry called Fleet Media Services. Fleet Media Services is a content creation service specifically for the transportation industry helping them keep up with the demand of today’s social media demands.

Bruce Outridge-Speaker / Consultant

We have seen a trend over the last two years where businesses know they need social media for their business but lack the time or resources to create content. They may even have the social profiles set up and have someone manage them but don’t have the content. Over the years I have seen people put up a variety of content based on what others are putting on their profiles, this can hurt your brand if the content doesn’t enhance your business. This new service is something we have been doing for select companies for years, but have now packaged it so that we don’t have to be fully involved in their social profiles. We create the content in the background and the client posts them based on their schedule.

Bruce Outridge has been a leader in social media since 2009. Earlier customers include TST Truckload Express, Challenger Motor Freight, Transrep, FleetTax Services, PMTC, TTSAO, and many more. Since those days Bruce has built the Lead Pedal Media brands to be leaders in the industry with The Lead Pedal Podcast having over 750 episodes, Lead Pedal Radio, and Lead Pedal Fan Club. All encompass thousands of listeners and subscribers.

With a background in trucking that has lasted over 40 years which includes a twenty-five year driving career, two years as an owner operator, three years as a fleet supervisor, and a decade of training, speaking, and producing media for the industry all offer a well-rounded view of the transportation industry. He is a professional cartoonist, published author, professional speaker, and media entrepreneur.

Learn about our content creation packages and compare pricing here: https://bruceoutridge.com/fleet-media-services/

To view testimonials on Bruce’s content creation, social media knowledge, and speaking abilities click here: https://bruceoutridge.com/category/testimonials-2/

To view testimonials for video work click here: https://bruceoutridgeproductions.com/category/testimonials/video-production/

You can learn more about the new FLEET MEDIA service at www.bruceoutridge.com or reach us by email at outridgeconsulting@gmail.com or call 905-630-8391 for more information.


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