Dreaming and Driving

John was loved by everyone, pleasant to be around, but was divorced. He had been driving for many years and always had a good rep-our with the people that he worked with. He usually was gone for many years during the holiday season because he was he was divorced so it didn’t make a difference. This year however he was one of their star drivers and as a reward was given the Holiday Season off with his family. As this was the first year that John was awarded this by the company he and his family had some big plans to make up for lost time in the past. In the regular course of visiting family and friends John was relaxing more and more. He began to enjoy the time off and began to let loose at the parties.

The party with his immediate family was the best, the whole family had arrived, his Dad was getting old and may not be around too much longer so John was determined to make the time extra special. They took pictures of everyone, caught up on new developments, and laughed over old memories. John had forgot all about driving a truck and his job at this point, he was having a great time. He was pacing himself with a few beers before dinner, a little wine as they carved the turkey, and then an after dinner liquor, but who’s counting. Then there was the beer while he celebrated the news of his Nephew to be, and the four beers while watching the hockey game replay with his Dad.

As he decided to leave for home he felt absolutely fine, the drinks had been spread out all day and surely the alcohol had been doused by the large meal and many pastries lining the table. It would only be a short drive home he had thought.

As he insisted he was fine he got in the car and proceeded to drive home. He was in such a good mood that night the drive seemed to be a dream. He was relaxed, happy, and enjoying the time he had off from his demanding job. As he drove down the road he remembered the memories from the night, the laughter, and the good times and then everything went black. He was woken up by the Police officer that noticed his car in the ditch, and opened the door to shut off the blaring horn. As the Paramedics removed John from the front seat he was dazed and unable to figure out where he was, all he remembers is everything going black. The Officer guessed that when John fell asleep he was so drunk and in such a deep sleep that he didn’t even feel the car go off the road and hit the tree, saving it from going off the cliff. John turned out to be okay, the thing that hurts the most is his pride. He now finds the bus very crowded and is still looking for work.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a leadership consultant for the transportation industry. Form more information on Bruce visit his website at www.outridge.ca . Please don’t drink and drive this holiday season.

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