Leveraging your position at tradeshows

Yesterday I spoke to a group of women learning about the transportation industry and getting ready to train to get their truck license. As I did my question and answer period the topic turned to truck shows and how to use them effectively to learn about potential carriers. Unless you are attending for the pure enjoyment factor of the show this is a place to be networking and learning how the many different carriers operate. If you would like to learn more about how to use a tradeshow to your advantage click on the link under articles or the link below. The first show has already passed with Truck World, but the Road Today truck Show is coming up in Brampton at the end of May.

Tradeshow article: http://www.outridge.ca/tradeshow.html 

Road Today Truck Show: http://www.roadtodaytruckshow.com

See you at the Tradeshows
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