Make Money Running Legal

Are you a driver looking to increase your profits in the trucking game? Maybe you are an owner-operator trying to run your truck before it runs you! You need to treat every job, business as if it’s your own. That is the secret! If you are an owner-operator running your own truck or small fleet are you doing it profitably? I have seen so many guys do stuff like throw out a toll receipt in order to match their log book. What a silly way to make a buck. Think about it, you lie on a log book to run a few extra miles to make an extra buck. Then you throw out the toll receipt to match your logbook. Now that you’ve thrown out the toll receipt you can’t claim it on your taxes or books from the accountant. You sweat the whole time you drive the miles because you’re hoping you won’t get caught. You haven’t made any money. That tax receipt depending on your income situation out ways a few miles and you still have to log the miles someway so why not just run legal? Get the tax benefit, the miles, and a clear concience and legal logbook.

Professional drivers work smart not hard!


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