Running By The Mile 1 on 1 Course

Are you interested in becoming an owner operator? Then the Running By The Mile 1 on 1 course is for you. This video based course offers set up and operational information to start you off on a successful career as a business owner.

Set yourself up for business success with
The Running By The Mile 1 on 1 Video Series

In this series you can view and download the following information by clicking the link below called Running By The Mile 1 on  1:RBTM-1on-1-Video-Cover-

  • Running By The Mile Intro
  • Business Plan Overview
  • Leased vs Independent Operators
  • Goal Setting Your Business
  • Evaluating Carriers
  • Setting up Your Business.
  • Buying a Truck
  • Operating Your Business
  • Running By The Mile Trip Screen
  • Saving Money in Your Operation
  • Expanding Your Business
  • Summary Video
  • Recruiting Interview with recruiter Doug Douthwright
  • Business Assessment Sheet
  • Business Plan Sample
  • O/O Budget Sheet

Running By The Mile 1on1

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