CSA 2010

Are you a driver wondering what is coming next with the new regulations for CSA 2010. The Federal Government in the U.S. has new rules coming out for carriers beginning July 2010 and they expect it to put a lot of carriers in a dire situation. Of course a true professional driver would be up to date on the findings. If you need more information on CSA 2010 then click here and read on.


2 Comments on “CSA 2010

  1. Bruce,

    We have been following CSA 2010 since its incubation stage. KRTS has attended seminars, education forum’s on both side ofthe border for 2 years and look forward to helping any company and their drivers with educational seminars, pre audits and phone calls to help in any way.

    GREAT web site and blog!

    Kim Richardson


    • Thanks for the feedback Kim,

      If you are doing the things you mentioned below then your training institute is the place to be. The drivers you train will come out informed and professional which will help them to get to the top of their game. They’ll be glad they started their professional driving career with a proper training partner. Keep up the good work.



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