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“Build Your Professional Brand”


After twenty five years as a professional driver, working as an owner operator, and then leading a fleet for a private chemical company Bruce has a lot of experience to share with the new drivers he regularly speaks with. It isn’t uncommon for him to be training men and women on various topics within the transportation industry to talking to larger audiences on having the proper mindset to have a successful career as professional drivers.

Presentations are available as keynotes, workshops, or lunch and learn sessions.


Introduction to Transportation
How Trucking Works
The Different Styles of Transportation
Long haul, regional, and city trucking jobs. Licence overview for new drivers.

Building a Brand as a Professional Driver
Creating a Brand to Your Personal Style
How Do You Measure Up to the Perfect Driver
Twelve Steps of Professionalism
Taking Ownership of Your Position
How to Become Part of the Top 20% Club of Professional Drivers
How to Fight Complacency as a Professional Driver

Get Hired, Find the Perfect Carrier!
Building a Resume for Transportation
Building a Short List for Carriers
Interview Techniques for New Drivers
Researching a Carrier with Social Media and the Web
Evaluating Carrier Advertising for the Perfect Job
Taking Your Career Long Term

Running By The Mile
Setting up a Trucking Business
Setting Up Your Budget to Run By The Mile
Operating Profitably for Owner Operators
Saving Money as an Owner Operator

Customer Service for Transportation Professionals and Drivers
Principles of Customer Service
Image Expectations for Professional Drivers
Creating a Customer Profile Sheet
Dealing with Difficult Customers
Creating Customer Loyalty

Time Management for Professional Drivers, Recruiters, Owner Operators
Manage Your Time with Colour Codes
Logbook Efficiency Overview
Trip Planning for Lifestyle
Combining Tasks for Greater Efficiency

Log Book Training for Professional Drivers
Learn the Regulations for Professional Drivers
Canadian and U.S. Regulations
Working with the Logbook Recap

Border Crossings for Professional Drivers
Driver Requirements for Crossing the Border
Documentation and Carrier Requirements
Border Crossing Strategies
Using Technology for Border Crossings

Dangerous Goods Training for Professional Drivers
Rules and Regulations for Drivers and Carriers
Looking up Information for Dangerous Goods
Documentation Requirements
Labels and Placards for Carriers
The importance of the MSDS

Defensive Driving for Professional Drivers
Defensive Driving Basics and Techniques
Safety Basics in Trucks
Handling Trucks in Weather and the Environment
Dealing with Collisions

Load Securement for Professional Drivers
Cargo Securement for Vans and Refrigerated Trailers Trailers
Cargo Securement for Flatbed Trailers
Cargo Securement for Lumber and Metal Coils

Weights and Limitations
How to Scale a Truck to be Legal
Techniques for Loading Freight
Being Legal in Various Seasons
Overview of Different Truck and Bus Combinations

Map Reading for Professional Drivers
Overview of the Atlas and Maps
Overview of The U.S. Interstate System
Using Different Parts of The Atlas for Search

Trip Planning for Professional Drivers
How to Evaluate Your Time
Key Requirements for a Successful Trip
Trip Planning in the City
Trip Planning for Highway Drivers

Vehicle and Safety Inspections
The Importance Vehicle Inspections
Overview of The CSA System in the U.S.
Documentation Requirements
The Difference in Compliance Inspections
Inspection Checklists and Procedures
C-TPAT Inspections and Criteria
Post Trip Inspection Basics

Safe Lifting Practices for Professional Drivers
Back Protection for Drivers
Climbing and Dismounting Trucks
Proper Lifting and Carrying Techniques
Using Delivery Equipment on the Job

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