Unconventional Creativity Presentation

Unconventional Creativity

“Improving team creativity and helping build
creative businesses or careers from talent

Is your team lacking in inspiration to getting tasks completed? Do you find that everyone is looking at projects the same way and lacking creativity? Inspire your team to be more creative by showing them how to be more creative with their ideas allowing a change of views on how they look at projects.

Cartoonists are said to be some of the most creative people on the planet. Is it Unique cartoon by Bruce Outridgetheir sense of humour? Their talent for drawing? Maybe but much of it is looking at common everyday situations and thinking about them in an unconventional way.

This fun cartoon filled presentation will inspire your team to look at projects in a new and creative way allowing them to take a unique focus on how they move forward on tasks.

Content: Creativity, Inspiration
Program Availability: Available as lunch & learn session, keynote presentation, workshop
Key Takeaways:
• Learn techniques to improve creativity within your teams
• Inspire teams to be creative in how they look at projects and tasks
• Improve your knowledge while improving creativity

This presentation uses Bruce’s cartoon work to enhance audience engagement and make it unique and different from other presentations. Let’s have some fun with your team!


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