Grow your business by helping to inspire others.

Recently I was at an event for high school students offing them inspiration and information on careers. This event called Men and Career Coaches mixes men in the community with high school students at an annual dinner event with Halton Industry Educational Council. This was my second year attending the event. My first year was …

The Road to Politics

Road to Politics-Inspiring Youth TV

I found episode 12 to be one of the most challenging episodes that I had to do. The reason for this is that I am not very political and interviewing the Mayor of Burlington and MP of Burlington were certainly a stretch. I thank all of the guests of this episode for helping me get …

Creativity Starts with the Information You Take In


On a recent episode of the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast guest host Karlene Bland and I talked about Creativity and how someone stays creativity. Artists spend much of their time being creative and that also translates into other areas such as business. Where you become creative will be determined by what type of information …

New videos added to website


I just added some new videos to the website for speaking and the about page. If you are looking for a speaker on creativity, business, or leadership then I can help you. To learn more about Bruce and his work visit his website at

Making Music with the Classics

Making music with the Classics

In this episode of Inspiring Youth TV Bruce chats with Lyndsey Tran who is a young musician with the Oakville Symphony in Oakville Ontario on how she got started in music and what it took to be part of the symphony. In part two of the episode Bruce sits down with Karen Page of the …