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Creativity Keynotes and Workshops

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The P.R.I.D.E. Advantage
Learn how to build a value based business using your internal values and beliefs. Bruce uses his comic book series as the base for this presentation helping creative entrepreneurs follow their values to create unique businesses.

Drawing on Inspiration
Inspirational stories to help
you spark inspiration from within through the eyes of other very successful creative entrepreneurs.

3 Creative Steps to Creating Memorable and Effective Content
A creative look to connecting with
your audience with creative content.

Life is a Graphic Novel
Bruce talks about how he became a creative entrepreneur after a life of driving trucks and how his experiences helped him create the successful business he has today.

Media Talk
Learn how to talk with the media and build your brand

Everyone can benefit from being inspired or more creative no matter what your role in


life. Inspiration sparks creativity helping you think outside the box, look at the world differently, and find your unique voice. There is nothing better than a cartoonist to show you how to think differently. Bruce Outridge is the speaker to help you do that. Here is what you will get as you consider hiring Bruce for your next event:

  • You will get a speaker that is entertaining and fun!
  • You will get a speaker that has built his career on what he talks about!
  • You will get a unique presentation that has fun-filled aspects from the world of art!

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