Self Talk Presentation

Bruce has struggled with self talk his whole life. From dropping out of school at the age of 17 to being one of a few coloured kids in school and workplaces created many unique challenges for Bruce. Bruce has learned to overcome these obstacles and be successful by learning how to control his self talk and create values that allow him to live a successful life.

Content: Self Improvement, inner messaging, working with your strengths
Program Availability: Keynote, Lunch & Learn Session, or workshop
Key Takeaways:

  • Realizing what self talk is and why its important to assess when it began
  • Why self talk can can hold you back from success.
  • How to change your self talk and why its important for a successful career.
We talk everyday, but what we choose to believe is the most important. This presentation offers insight into the messages we take in and how they affect us and the journey we are on for lives. I show audience members through my experiences how self talk has been a hindrance, but has also been the catalyst to a successful career. Learn how experiences early on life can be the basis for negative self talk that can last a lifetime and why not understanding the effects on the mind can hold you back in your career. Find out how altering your self talk can take you to new heights in your career and help you realize your worth in today’s world. Self talk is something you constantly have to work on and I offer solutions for those wanting to change the messages they tell themselves everyday.