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Welcome to the presentation page with a summary of all the presentations.  I assume you are looking for a speaker for your next event whether it be a conference, meeting, or lunch and learn session. My Canadian Association of Professional Speakerspresentations revolve around the programs listed below and revolve around my three core values of inspiring people, connecting with your audience, and helping your audience grow their businesses or careers. Click the appropriate link below to view the presentation that best fits your needs.

Inspire Your Group

Life is a Graphic Novel-This career based presentation helps inspire others to move forward when they see that no matter where they are currently in their careers they can have success with hard work and passion for what they do. Learn more about Life is a Graphic Novel presentation here.

Unconventional Creativity– Is your team lacking in inspiration to getting tasks completed? Do you find that everyone is looking at projects the same way and lacking creativity? Inspire your team to be more creative by showing them how to be more creative with their ideas allowing a change of views on how they look at projects. Learn more about the Unconventional Creativity presentation by clicking here!

Connect With Your Audience

3 Steps to Creating Effective and Memorable Content-This presentation is very popular and helps people connect with their audience by showing them how to create content for different demographics and share it effectively. If you are looking to connect with your team, market your business, or creatively create content that stands out from the crowd then this is the presentation for you. Learn more about 3 Steps to Creating Effective and Memorable Content presentation here.

Media Talk-With social media now a major part of our lives and visual media becoming more popular there is increasing opportunities to be interviewed on videos, podcasts, and other media. Saying the wrong things in an interview can damage your brand for years to come. This presentation focuses on what to say, how to prepare, and who should be interviewed. Learn more about Media Talk presentation here.

Grow Your Career

Failure to Success Through Art-This presentation is art based and can be used for any group on how to develop a business as an entrepreneur and move it from a passion through to a full time business. Bruce talks about the decisions he made and how it has unleashed the entrepreneurial spirit that he has today. Learn more about the Failure to Success presentation here.

Presentations are available as keynotes,
workshops, or lunch and learn sessions.

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Here is what others have to say:

“The presentation was over and above what I expected. Bruce covered all the subjects that I wanted to hear in his presentation. Great experience! Bruce really knows how to interact with everyone in the group and he gets everyone involved. Very high energy! He gave me hope to try and open up my own business, to take charge of my life and do what I want with it. He gave me hope about being an entrepreneur and showed me that anything is possible!”

Great presentation, thank you!”
Megan Marson /YEPP Business Group

“Such an excellent job! It was a great presentation, very enthusiastic and full of laughter. Bruce pulls you in and makes you want to hear what he has to say!”

Jodie Graves / Halton Leadership Group

“I really enjoyed your presentation. I’m always looking for more information on how to improve my marketing and business. I will definitely implement more than a few of your tips.”

Thanks, Zorica Krasufja / Society of Canadian Artists

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