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Outridge Enterprises Inc.


Outridge Enterprises Inc. is the parent company to three direct divisions known as Bruce Outridge ProductionsOutridge Consulting Services, and Outridge Translation Services. Although each operates and markets itself separately they are all intertwined to create a powerful group of companies. To view contact information and services available please click on the links for each division. Why go anywhere else when we can handle everything for you right here!

Bruce Outridge speaking, illustration, consulting, translation services under Outridge Enterprises Inc. Marketing services are available

Bruce Outridge Productions

Custom illustration and design services including caricature event work, book publishing, vehicle caricatures, cartooning, logo design, web design, art instruction, and other art based services are the focus of this business. If you need these types of products or services then this is the division for you.

Bruce Outridge Productions Website 


Outridge Consulting Services

Outridge Consulting Services offers business and leadership training, safety training, motivational speaking, business consulting, and products for the transportation industry and creative industries. If any of these services are required then this division is the one that will help you best. For more information please visit the Outridge Consulting web page.

Outridge Consulting Services


Outridge Translation Services

Outridge Translation Services offers English /French translation services for the Quebec market. In addition to translation services the company also offers proofreading services for many publications. If any of these services are required then Outridge Translation Services is the division that can help you best. To learn more about the company please visit their website.

Outridge Translation Services