Life is a Graphic Novel Presentation

Life is a Graphic Novel


Do you have a creative passion or talent that you would like to turn into a business or career? Have you been told that being a creative person such as an artist, author, musician, or other creative entrepreneur is not a viable career choice? Would you like to prove them wrong?

This inspiring session will help audience members learn how to take their talents or creative ideas and use those as inspiration for a viable career or business. You do not have to be afraid of your ideas, you have to be a smart and creative in creating a future for using them.

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Start your creative journey with this interactive presentation with creative entrepreneur Bruce Outridge and learn how to use your creative talent as a base for a business or career. Learn the process for creating a creative career and the pitfalls you will encounter along the way.

As a keynote or workshop presenter Bruce Outridge will walk audience members through three areas to start their creative journey. This presentation is best suited to participants interested in a business or career using their talent or passions.

Inspire Your Creative Career Presentation

  • Content: Careers, inspiration, creativity
    Program Availability: Available as a lunch & learn session, keynote, or workshop

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to evaluate your talent or passion to see if it is ready for a career as a creative person
  • Learn how to think about your talent as a base for your career
  • Learn the pitfalls that you will encounter and how to create a roadmap for success.

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