Life is a Graphic Novel Presentation

Life is a Graphic Novel Presentation

“Improving team creativity and helping build
creative businesses or careers from talent

Bruce has one of the most varied paths to entrepreneurship from starting out battle-against-time-cartoonas a young artist, through 25 years as a professional truck driver, to a now well respected entrepreneur. This presentation shows audience members how their passions at an early age play a huge role in the career path you take as an adult. Popular with youth groups looking for ideas on building their career.

Sample of Life is a Graphic Novel by Bruce

Life is a Graphic Novel
Content:  Leadership, Goal Setting, Following Your Passions
Program Availability: Available as lunch & learn sessions or keynote presentation
Key Takeaways:

  • Set goals for your life and go after them
  • Have a vision that includes your life and passions.
  • Be open to opportunities

This presentation is great for groups that are interested in leadership and setting goals for their life. Bruce talks about how to follow your passions to create unique vision of life and how they can create a career path you haven’t even thought of before.

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