Leadership Presentations

Leadership Presentations
By Motivational Speaker
Bruce Outridge

“Inspiring you to follow your passions, Connect with
your audience, and
Grow your business or career!”

Bruce Outridge is a motivational leadership speaker
located in Burlington Ontario Canada

With a passion for art and a determination to succeed I help those that want to make their lives better by inspiring them through my unique background. I use my experiences from a child to present day entrepreneur to show the audience that they to can succeed with the right amount of confidence and determination. My art based presentations are great for many varied audiences from art groups to youths through to adults and all of my transportation based presentations are leadership based.


Performance & Productivity “Own Your Position!”

Content: Leadership, Time Management, Productivity
Program Availability: Available as lunch & learn sessions, workshop, or keynote presentation
Key Takeaways:
  • Improved time management
  • Improved productivity and career growth
  • Improved employee performance
Most companies rate employees on the same scale with minimum criteria. Bruce’s “Own Your Position” Program shows participants how to showcase  themselves with performance criteria that boost their profile to the company. Are you rating your employees for performance?

The top twenty percent of a workforce is where the most opportunities are for advancement. For those dedicated to success showing employees how to improve through time management techniques and inspiring them to be in the top twenty percent can offer them opportunities for success. Learn who the real customers are when you are an employee and how to make sure are seen in today’s competitive workplace.

Life is a Graphic Novel

Content:  Leadership, Goal Setting, Following Your Passions
Program Availability: Available as lunch & learn sessions or keynote presentation
Key Takeaways:

  • Set goals for your life and go after them
  • Have a vision that includes your life and passions.
  • Be open to opportunities

This presentation is great for groups that are interested in leadership and setting goals for their life. Bruce talks about how to follow your passions to create unique vision of life.

Self Talk

Content: Self Improvement, follow your passions, work with your strengths
Program Availability: Keynote, Lunch & Learn Session
Key Takeaways:

  • Realizing what self talk is and why its important to assess how long it began
  • Why self talk can can hold you back from success.
  • How to change your self talk and why its important for a successful career.
We talk everyday, but what we choose to believe is the most important. This presentation offers insight into the messages we take in and how they affect us and the journey we are on for lives. I show audience members through my experiences how self talk has been a hindrance, but has also been the catalyst to a successful career. Learn how experiences early on life can be the basis for negative self talk that can last a lifetime and why not understanding the effects on the mind can hold you back in your career. Find out how altering your self talk can take you to new heights in your career and help you realize your worth in today’s world. Self talk is something you constantly have to work on and I offer solutions for those wanting to change the messages they tell themselves everyday.

Here are what others have to say about the presentations:

“Very Inspiring.”
Stuart A. | HIEC Event

“Such an excellent job! It was a great presentation, very enthusiastic and full of laughter. Bruce pulls you in and makes you want to hear what he has to say!”
Jodie Graves / Halton Leadership Group

“You are awesome! Thank you! You have given me ideas for my future.”
Kayla Cote / Halton Leadership Program

Leadership Books by Bruce

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