Ignite the Creative Spark Presentation

Ignite the Creative Spark


Helping you Spark a More Creative Workplace!

Are you looking to ignite the creative spark into your team? Is your team just going through the motions? Are your campaigns, events, and other programs all starting to sound and look the same? In business a lack of creativity will cause us to fall behind possibly losing customers. Every business needs to keep growing and evolving. That doesn’t mean you revamp your products and services each time, it may just mean you need to improve the way you do small tasks or think about your business. Improving creativity can do three things. It can improve employee engagement, it can improve communications, and it can improve productivity. Are you ready to ignore the creative spark?

In this inspiring and engaging session creativity expert Bruce Outridge will help inspire your team by enhancing creativity to make your workplace more engaging and productive. Take your team from going through the motions to being creative thinkers and more engaging as Bruce helps you think more creatively through his eyes as a cartoonist.

If your team has become complacent and lacking that spark that once fired people up in your workplace then Bruce’s cartoon inspired presentation will help ignite that creative spark. Learn techniques to improve creativity in your employees allowing them to be more productive and engaged.

As a keynote or workshop presenter Bruce Outridge will walk your team through three areas to become more creative with this interactive presentation which is perfect for small or large teams.

  • Content: Creativity, Engagement, Productivity
    Program Availability: Available as lunch & learn session, keynote presentation, workshop
    Key Takeaways:
  • Learn why creativity in business is important and why you should care about improving creativity?
  • Learn how to improve employee engagement by creatively improving communications.
  • Learn how employees can improve their productivity by embracing creativity in their positions making them valuable team members.

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