Drawing on Inspiration

Drawing on Inspiration

Ignite Your Inner Inspiration!

One thing I have found from doing hundreds of interviews with creative people is that sometimes our lowest moments are our greatest strength. Inspiration may come from outside for some people, but grows inside a person to a point where it turns into passion. When inspiration turns to passion it changes a person and offers them drive and creativity allowing for growth. If that drive and creativity is focused with action a road map for success can be created taking those people to new heights. It’s time to get inspired on your road to success.

In this inspirational presentation I talk about some of the inspirational people I have met through my podcasts and television show over the years. After interviewing hundreds of people I have heard some inspiring stories that have helped people propel their lives and careers to new heights. Join me as I take the audience down the road to inspiration with inspiring stories.

Content: Inspiration, Business, Careers, Determination
Program Availability: Available as a keynote or lunch and learn session
Key Takeways:

  • Find your true inspiration from within.
  • What inspires people to take action
  • How you can use inspiration to create your journey

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