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“Cash in on Your Creativity”

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It’s one thing to be creative and another to turn your ideas into actions. I have been hearing most of my life that left handed people are more creative because they use the opposite side of their brain for ideas. That may be true but I believe anyone can teach themselves to be creative. If you have a group that is trying to be more creative then my presentation may be for you.

Presentations are available as keynotes, workshops, or lunch and learn sessions.


 “Creativity-Not Just For Left Handers”

“Improve Your Creative Muscle”

Topic: Business Marketing

Suggested Audience: Adults, youth groups, artists looking to start a business.

Program Availability: Lunch & learn sessions, keynote, or workshop

Key Takeaways: Improve your creative muscle, integrate your vision to direct your business or career.



This presentation offers tips on how to be more creative improving your business or career. Learn how having a vision and applying specific creative techniques can set you apart from your competition and improve your lifestyle. This presentation is great for entrepreneurs, creative industries, and small businesses.






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