Improve your communication for teams
and individuals with Bruce Outridge

Improve the communication with your team or audience with the information listed below. We are now in a digital age with interviews, video, and audio platforms in everyone’s hands. Learn how to improve the communication about you to your audience. One thing I have learned through producing podcasts and television shows is that learning to communicate properly can propel your business or career to elevated heights.

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Team Communication

Communicating Your Brand Workshop
Communicate Your Brand with Integrity

Content Focus: Communication, Media. Interview Techniques, Marketing

This workshop helps participants learn how to communicate with their audience while creating a content plan that will show their authentic brand. Learn how to improve your skills in front of the camera or microphone so that you can communicate clearly to your audience. Learn more about this workshop here.

 This presentation introduces principles for employees or entrepreneurs on how to work with the media or share information about your business. Today’s world offers more opportunity than ever before to talk to media channels both small and large. Everyone has a video camera so be prepared knowing what you want to say. Get more information on this presentation here.


Group Communication
with Graphic Facilitation
Summarize Your Message

Content Focus: Communication, Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation

Want help communicating your own message to your group? As an artist Bruce offers Graphic Facilitation to help presenters summarize their message. Learn more about Graphic Facilitation below and click the link to go to Bruce’s art website with samples and more information.


Individual Communication

Marketing Your Business

Maybe you are in business and looking for ways to market to your audience but aren’t sure where to start. Do you start a Facebook Page or create a YouTube channel? Creating marketing plans and knowing where to spend your money can make the difference on how well you grow our business. Below are some ways you can improve the communication for your market. Need help creating content for your marketing plan? Check out our content creation page. 

We have a list of videos on our YouTube Channel and podcast episodes on the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast that I would suggest subscribing to for free information. If you need individual help then view my consulting programs.

Improve Your Communication Skills
Improve Your Skills In Front of the Camera

If you are looking for specific help or assistance in communicating your the value of your business to your market then Bruce’s consulting programs on marketing plans and social media programming may be more to your liking. Click here for more information.

Learning how to be good in front of a microphone can set you apart from the competition. As a solo entrepreneur you may be the face of your business and knowing how to present yourself in front of a camera can take your business communications to the next level. Have a look at the information below for individuals to see what can help you.

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