Testimonial-3 Steps to Creating Content Workbook

3 Steps to Creating Memorabe & Effective Content Workbook

"I highly recommend Bruce Outridge's "3 Steps to Creating a Memorable and Effective Workbook and corresponding video, it is fantastic. I am starting my own company and was having a difficult time capturing who my target audience is. I am in a unique industry and Bruce's workbook was able to simplify it for me to …

Testimonial-How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps Book


hey bruce! i read your book! thank you so much for the insights! hell, thanks for writing it. Paul Tomas /Artist

Testimonial-How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps book


hey bruce! hope you are well. i have come up with a business plan for the month. i am getting a digital camera in two weeks. i am a quarter through your book. thank you so much for your support. you are awesome! i have some plans. i need money this month so it will …

Testimonial-How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps


Congratulations!  It’s a great book!  I really like the ebook format because I can transfer it to my Kobo or iPad which makes it really handy.  I have just started to read step one – your writing style is great – direct, informative, encouraging and of course funny!  I really like it that you break …

Testimonial-Running By The Mile


I have read and perused your book ‘Running by the mile’. Your focus on lifestyle and family as it relates to all business decisions was what I found to be so valuable. As a financial advisor, for many years now, the most important part of building wealth seems to be keeping your family together. And …