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Speaker Bruce Outridge

“Inspiring Creative Communication!”

Bruce Outridge is a motivational business speaker
located in Burlington Ontario Canada.

There are three things that I hope to help those in the audience with:

  1. Inspire them to use creativity in their communications.
  2. Give them the tools to show them what is unique about them and how to tell their story.
  3. Give them the tools to add humour allowing engagement with today’s media.

Many think that being a business speaker means talking about accounting and other operations. Sure, they’re important but if you can’t market your business or communicate with team members then other parts won’t matter.

My presentations show audience members how to differentiate themselves from the competition, tell their story with unique content, and communicate with the media or teams to create success from their expertise.


  • 3 Steps to Creating Memorable and Effective Content
    Content: Business, marketing, content creation, social media
    Program Availability: Available as a lunch & learn session, keynote, or workshop
    Key Takeaways:
  • Create content that tells your story
  • Create content for various platforms
  • Create the perfect schedule for your content.

Learn how to tell your story with this interactive workshop. Bruce will show participants how to create their unique story and share it with their market using the basics of journalism or storyboard techniques. This workshop comes with a workbook that audience members will work through during the workshop allowing them the resources to continue creating content upon completion. Participants will learn what is unique about their story, create content to that shows off their personality or expertise, and share their story with consistency.

  • Media Talk
    Business, marketing, interview basics, interview preparation, social media
    Program Availability: Lunch and Learn Sessions, Keynotes, or workshops.
    Key Takeaways:
  • How media can affect your brand
  • Learn how to prepare for interviews
  • How to present yourself during media interviews.

This presentation introduces principles for employees or entrepreneurs on how to work with the media. Today’s world offers more opportunity than ever before to talk to media channels small and large. Your brand depends on the type of information released to media channels and it is important that your team knows how to talk to the media, know what to say, and how to prepare for an interview. Everyone has a video camera so be prepared knowing what you want to say.

Creative Communication-Learn how to communicate using humour
Content: Communication, Content Creation, Social Media, Team Building
Program Availability:  Available as lunch & learn sessions, workshop, or keynote presentation
Key Takeaways:

  • Improve communication action with your team or clients
  • Increase engagement on social media and communications
  • Improve your team building communications with humour

Communication is one of the most important parts of any team or client interaction. How you communicate can make the difference between acknowledgement, action, or dismissal. Communications can become stale after a certain amount of time or when we become too familiar with the people we deal with. Making people laugh is one of the most effective ways to have your communications acknowledged and have action taken. If you want to improve your team, improve communication with your customers, or market your business then try communicating with humour.

Failure to Success Through Art
Content: Leadership, Business, Goal Setting
Program Availability: Available as lunch & learn sessions, and keynote presentations
Key Takeaways:

  • Use your passions to create your career with your talent and experiences.
  • How an art career progresses
  • How to use your talents for business

A great presentation to help those see that they too can be successful through art. Follow Bruce from his career as a professional driver to his now success as an artist. This presentation “Failure to Success Through Art” talks about leadership and business in developing an art career.

What others have to say about the presentations:

“I really enjoyed your presentation. I’m always looking for more information on how to improve my marketing and business. I will definitely implement more than a few of your tips.”
Zorica Krasufja / Society of Canadian Artists

“You are the only one that answered the questions that I needed to know on business.”
Thank you!
Adriana Renalde / YEPP Business Program

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