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Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, entrepreneur, and speaker with a focus on creativity, business, and leadership. As an entrepreneur he has launched several products and services allowing him to create the successful business he has in place today. He is the author of four books on business and leadership, podcast host, business consultant, and professional cartoonist. You can learn more about Bruce and his work on his websites at,,, He is also on social media at Facebook Page (Bruce Outridge Productions), Facebook (Bruce Outridge), Twitter (@bruceaoutridge), and LinkedIn (

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Cashing in With Creative Content

“Tell Your Story with Creative Content”

Topic: Business, social media, content creation

Suggested Audience: Business audiences, associations, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, small business ownersCashing-with-creative-content-image
Content marketing is all the rage and now the challenge is to be heard over the crowd. Many companies and associations struggle with content and what to share on their social media channels. In order to rank strong on search engines like Google, websites need strong content and in today’s market content is where most businesses struggle.

Audience members will learn how to creatively market their associations by creating unique content, increase exposure for their associations by creating schedules for sharing content, and tips on what is required to produce quality content. Learn how to tell the story of your association with creative content.





Boost Your Business with Confidence

“Have Confidence to Move Forward with Your Ideas!”

Topic: Business, creativity, confidence, product creation

Suggested Audience: Business audiences, entrepreneurs, small business ownersboost-your-business-cover-photo

An idea is just an idea until it becomes a tangible product or service. This is where most people fail as they don”t have the confidence to get there ideas moving therefore leaving possible profits on the table. Bruce shows entrepreneurs and creatives how they can take an idea and follow it through creating products and services they are passionate about.





7 Steps to Marketing Your Art Business

“Brand You Through Art!”


Topic: Business Marketing

Suggested Audience: Adults, youth groups, artists looking to start a business. 7-steps-cover-image

A great presentation for those wanting to start or learn how to market their art business. Perfect for those getting ready to launch into the art world. For business audiences and artists his presentation “7 Steps to Marketing Your Art Business” is a great one to show how to market an art business and how to create a unique advantage that already is created through your art. Bruce’s book “How to Start an Artistic Business” is also available for sale to groups or individuals attending events.






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