Building a Brand as a Professional Driver Presentation

Building a Brand as a
Professional Driver

Also known as Own Your Position

This presentation helps two different types of people. One it helps drivers focus their efforts to create powerful brands that will excel their career in the trucking industry. The second group is supervisors helping them identify top talent by changing the ways that they rate employee performance. Most companies rate employees with criteria that lumps everyone together instead of criteria that is performance based and allows for employees to move forward in their careers. Bruce’s presentation is popular with transportation and manufacturing applications.

Sample of Bruce’s ” Building a Brand as a Professional Driver
Presentation” formerly known as Own Your Position Presentation

Building a Brand as a Professional Driver Presentation
Content: Leadership, Customer Service, Productivity & Performance, Transportation
Program Availability: Available as lunch & learn sessions, workshop, or keynote presentation

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating a Brand to Your Personal Style
  • How Do You Measure Up to the Perfect Driver
  • Twelve Steps of Professionalism
  • Taking Ownership of Your Position
  • How to Become Part of the Top 20% Club of Professional Drivers
  • How to Fight Complacency as a Professional Driver
Most companies rate employees on the same scale with minimum criteria. Bruce’s “Build a Professional Brand” Program shows participants how to showcase  themselves with performance criteria that boost their profile to the company. Are you rating your employees for performance?

 The top twenty percent of a workforce is where the most opportunities are for advancement. For those dedicated to success showing employees how to improve through customer service techniques and inspiring them to be in the top twenty percent can offer them opportunities for success. Learn who the real customers are when you are an employee and how to make sure you are seen in today’s competitive workplace.
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